RedCare Solo Alarm Monitoring.

The RedCare Secure Solo Alarm Monitoring system is a grade 2 signalling service which is specifically designed for use in homes or premises where thy is no land line. Additionally, RedCare Solo can act as a digi replacement. The alarm system can be used anywhere that has a good solid GPRS signal. The device uses wireless signalling to communicate with our Alarm Receiving Center (ARC).

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The RedCare Solo Alarm system comes with no associated call costs and provides standards that fall within compliance of Grade 2 signalling. The system acts as an ideal replacement for a digital communicator. Customers can easily upgrade their Solo Alarm system to Secure 2, 3 and IP demanding on the specific demands and requirements of each home and premises. The system’s primary function is to allow premises and homes which don’t currently have access to a phone line, to have access to a secure alarm system that provides outstanding protection.

RedCare Solo’s Benefits.

Some of the key benefits and features of the Redcare Solo alarm system include:

  • No associated call costs. In addition, the Redcare solo provides standards compliant with Grade 2 signalling and acts as an ideal replacement for a digital communicator.
  • Customers are easily able to upgrade to Secure 2, 3 and IP to meet their individual circumstances and needs.
  • Redcare solo is supplied with Redcare’s roaming SIM as standard to allow for peak reliable network performance throughout the day and night.
  • Installers will be able to easily access their alarm panels through secure upload / download functionality. Installers can access the alarm system remotely – thus allowing fast and effective support – without the need for an expensive on-site visit.
  • One of the biggest benefits of the Redcare Solo Alarm system is the fact that it is able to function and work at optimal levels without the need for a fixed telephone line. Customers who want to benefit from a high quality monitored alarm system without a telephone line will be able too with the redcare solo.
  • The system can be easily moved from one location to another and suitable for rapid deployment such as urgent service provision, temporary deployment and short term use.
  • Redcare solo is ideal for construction sites, vacant properties, remote buildings, cabins and outbuildings.
  • Redcare solo also protects Mobile assets, such as boats, heavy machinery, caravans, catering trailers etc.

Our unique and innovative Redcare Solo Alarm Monitoring service is available to all residents and premise owners within Greater London and Hertfordshire. The Redcare Solo Alarm System is great for homes, businesses and assets as it provides complete protection the present and the future. Should the needs change in the future, Secure Solo will be adapted accordingly.


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