RedCare Secure Alarm Monitoring.

Redcare Secure is a comprehensive alarm signalling system that is currently able to operate on three variants. Depending on the individual risk level of your home or premises, you are able to choose between three different variants – Secure 2, Secure 3 and Secure IP.

Because Redcare Secure benefits from a dual path system, you are able to rest assured knowing that your alarm will trigger a confirmation message to our Alarm Receiving Center (ARC) should one path become fault or unavailable. The Redcare Secure system uses a dual path system which effectively means that two separate routes are used to communicate with our ARC. If one of these routes becomes faulty or is purposefully tampered with, the system will use the other path to communicate with us.

Depending on which variant you choose to use will depend on which primary and secondary paths your alarm system uses. If you choose to use either the Secure 2 or Secure 3 services, the alarm system will use a wireless network link as the primary path, and then a fixed telephone line as the secondary path. If you decide to use the Secure IP service, your broadband line will provide the primary path of communication, with the wireless network link providing a secondary path of communication.

RedCare Secure.

Redcare Secure is able to communicate with our Alarm Receiving Center through utilizing three different methods of communication. These are the Vodafone UK Network, the UK fixed telephone work and the broadband or IP connection. The Redcare Secure alarm system does not require a dedicated phone line – which helps to keep your monthly costs down.

Because the Redcare Secure alarm monitoring system actively monitors both of the signalling paths, you can rest assured knowing that your home is completely safe. Should one path become faulty or fail, the system will communicate with our ARC. The system can communicate with our Alarm Receiving Center within seconds if a fault develops on either the primary or secondary signalling path.

We currently offer RedCare Secure Alarm Monitoring services to anybody within Greater London and Hertfordshire.

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