RedCare GSM Alarm Monitoring.

RedCare GSM is currently one of the most secure and reliable methods of alarm signalling currently available to consumers. Unlike traditional alarm signalling services, RedCare GSM provides protection in the case of the land line and radio paths being attacked. It doesn’t matter if either one of these paths are attacked, as the RedCare GSM alarm signalling service will still be able to communicate with the Alarm Receiving Center, and continue to provide a confirmed activation.

RedCare GSM is currently a grade four signalling system which provides complete protection for consumers. Currently, it conforms to the highest possible grading level of the European Standard (Grade 4). It offers unique and reliable protection because the alarm signalling technology actively monitors both forms of paths. The signalling software is able to communicate with the ARC through BT Cellnet’s GSM Radio Network and through traditional land line methods. Currently, RedCare GSM is the only dual-signalling system that actively monitors both paths – ensuring complete security for home owners.

 RedCare GSM.

RedCare GSM is perfect for anybody who requires an alarm signalling system that will provide the absolute highest quality and most reliable form of dual signalling. RedCare’s contingency signalling is also extremely valuable if your Insurance company requires that your current alarm system transmits ‘confirmation’ signals even as a result of a line cut. As one of the leading methods of delivering a confirmation signal, it is no wonder that RedCare GSM is one of the most popular alarm systems currently in use.

You can upgrade to a RedCare GSM Alarm System by simply adding a secure radio signalling device. It shouldn’t cost too much extra to install RedCare GSM Alarm Monitoring services in your home. In some specific circumstances, we may be required to change the signalling unit currently in your panel.

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