DualCom G2R Radio Only Alarm Monitoring

We are able to provide DualCom G2R services for installations where the customer has no telephone line or LAN available to them. Through utilising the latest Radio GPRS technology, we can communicate with our Center without the need for our customers to incur any sort of associated costs. With traditional and more popular telephone line based signalling technology, customers usually incur steep charges as the line communicates with our center. Additionally, if you currently have a dedicated phone line in place, you can cancel this as the DualCom G2R Radio Only Alarm Monitoring system does not rely on the telephone line – thus helping to save you money on line rental charges.

Advantages of DualCom G2R.

Another major benefit to DualCom G2R Radio technology is the fact that it is completely immune to any issues that may be caused as part of BT’s 21CN (NGN) technology roll out over the next decade. With a traditional telephone line, customers may face communication issues as each telephone exchange gets upgraded to the latest technology. The UK Telephone network currently operates using a copper infrastructure which some telephone-based alarm systems rely on using. BT’s latest technology will favor fiber signals rather than copper, which ultimately has an impact on how effective telephone based alarm monitoring systems are. With DualCom G2R systems, this is not an issue as you will be able to rest assured knowing that the technology is not reliant on building infrastructure technology.


DualCom G2R Radio Only Alarm Monitoring comes with several advantages that you should be aware of. The most advantageous point is that you will incur no call or line rental charges and a telephone line is not required for the system to operate. Additionally, you will benefit from multi-network connectivity and redundancy with WorldSIM – giving you absolute immunity from the 21CN network upgrades BT are planning. You will be under a Fixed tariff which means no hidden charges, regardless of the amount of signals emitted. With ATS Grade 2 Signalling and the DualCom G2R coming fully programmed and tested, it is the most reliable and popular form of alarm monitoring.

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