DualCom DigiPLus 0800

DualCom DigiPlus 0800 is one of the most comprehensive alarm solutions currently in the United Kingdom. The alarm system was initially designed to help combat the change that BT have made to their 21st Century Network upgrade roll outs. Initially, they stated that the upgrades would roll out over a period of five years, but this strategy was changed. They changed their strategy to upgrading exchanges as and when the specific exchange needed new technology. For example, if the hardware equipment used at a specific exchange reached the end of it's life, then BT would decide to carry out upgrades. Because the 21CN upgrade roll-out will now happen on a non-consistent basis, installers should always be on the look out for when exchange upgrades are taking place in the region.

 DualCom DigiPlus.

DigiPlus provides a solution to the issues currently faced. Because of the current upgrades to the UK's telephone network, the only way you will realise that your customers and clients systems have been affected is when they completely stop working to begin to incur high-costs as a result of multiple dialing. Either of these scenarios provide a great possibility that an upgrade has taken place and your current customers Digis are now compatible with NGN/21CN. This can also happen when your customers decide to change their phone service provider, as their new provider may be currently using 21CN technology.

DigiPlus effectively removes and protects you against these risks, giving your customer the satisfaction that they will be completely covered should an upgrade take place. DigiPlus is a small device which was developed and manufactured in partnership with Vodafone. It effectively fits between an existing digital communicator and the telephone line – helping to create a robust signalling solution. DigiPlus guarantees that all existing communicators will be fully compatible with BT's new 21CN roll out. DigiPlus is able to operate on both new and old networks, giving the installer the peace of mind that if BT decides to upgrade the local exchange, the Alarm system will continue to work and will signal through to the Alarm Center.

The benefits of using a DigiPlus system consist of taking less than 5 minutes to install, as the supplied DigiPlus's are already programmed. They can use any telephone line from any provider. Additionally, they provide free alarm and polling calls and reduced customer costs as telephone call costs completely disappear. Finally, they are configurable remotely.

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