Alarm Monitoring London

Your alarm system requires high maintenance and monitoring services that are going to deliver outstanding results. We specialize in providing services for intruder alarms for new domestic and commercial customers. We understand that your alarm system should be monitored by a professional company in the industry and we strive to provide the utmost highest customer support and services to our clients. As a business, we primarily offer free maintenance and monitoring for new customers who sign up with us and purchase our innovative DigiPlus alarm system technology.

Free maintenance and monitoring services.

We can take over from your previous alarm systems monitoring service and provide you with a much better deal. We guarantee that we can usually provide a cheaper, better and cost-effective alternative solution than what you currently have. With free maintenance and monitoring services for DigiPlus customers for a total of one year, you will find it hard to find a better alarm monitoring solution. We only charge a small take over fee once we make the alarm system connection, but apart from that, our service is fee-free and you only pay for what you get.


Our alarm systems currently operate on BT's new state-of-the-art Century Network (21CN). Our alarm monitoring system is able to connect to all existing digital communicators and telephone networks and you can rest assured that you will incur no fees or charges as a result of direct communication. Our alarm monitoring service utilizes 0800 telephone calls to ensure that you incur no telephone call charges. We connect to the ARC via Gemini CSL's fully managed secure network – giving you piece of mind.


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We are currently offering our alarm monitoring services to residents within the Greater London and Hertfordshire region. Our expertise within the alarm monitoring industry can earned up several awards and has gained the trust of hundreds of consumers within the regions we serve. We strive to provide the utmost best customer support within the industry and you can rest assured that all of our services and products are specifically tailored with the customer in mind.

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